It is that time of year we dread in hound rescue, Hunting Hound Dumping Season. ??

This happens every year from December-February, hounds used for hunting rabbit, deer and other critters from November-January that don’t meet hunter expectations or cannot keep up with their pack are discarded. Often hunters first attempt to sell these pups, but when that fails, they dump them to end up as strays across the country side finally ending up in shelters or worst.

Due to the large amount received into shelters every year, it is impossible to save them all, but rescues all over the US do our best to save as many lives as possible.

If you are currently looking for a hound to join your family, please start communicating with your local shelters. If they don’t currently have hounds in need, they will soon!

In the last week, we have been asked to help over 15 hounds of all sizes and varieties. If you are in the Tennessee Region and looking to add a hound to your family or foster a hound, please reach out to us! We can use all the help we can and are happy to connect families, shelters and rescuers in order to save more lives!

P.S. we know there are responsible hunters and hunting dogs get lost while hunting as well. We love our hounds hunting traits and abilities and respect responsible hunters that properly vet and care for their dogs.

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