Hope’s First Vet Visit Photo
Healthy, Happy Hope in her Foster Home

We are a small nonprofit dog rescue located in West TN dedicated to bettering the lives of pups in rural West TN. We are a 100% foster home based, volunteer run and donation funded organization!

Our plans and dreams became a reality overnight when on August 2, 2021 we got the call from one of our partner shelters that a bait dog had been picked up and was shutting down in the shelter. We sprung into action to bring her home. Hero West was born in a living room, with a broken dog, Mac and cheese and lots of “what-ifs” and “what have we dones”.

The one thing we had was HOPE. With that in mind it seemed only fitting that the first dog we would bring into this new adventure would be named Hope. There were so many late night calls and worries in the first couple of weeks. Hope was broken spiritually and physically, yet like so many others in her same situation she was the sweetest and gentlest dog. Every first was exciting, celebrated and shared with our tiny group of followers on Facebook.

Hope has since healed physically and more importantly spiritually. The day she left and went to her furever home was a very exciting day for all of us. We were obsessed with her new family and couldn’t imagine a better fit for her. We have seen such amazing growth since we posted Hope on our Facebook page, but we always want to remember where we came from.

We are humbled by the community’s involvement and acceptance. We are so excited you are here and hope that you’ll stick around. We love pups and want to build a family and community that seeks to better the lives of animals in rural West Tennessee.